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Colonel Fawaz Al-Mayman, a spokesperson for Riyadh police, said Abu Sin was arrested for “unethical behaviour”.

“His videos received many comments and many of the commenters of the general public demanded for him to be punished for his actions,” he added, according to the .

She is definitely the most determined, and most ampt about her S. She usually wears a green, pink, or blue tunic with a white or purple long shirt underneath, a black or brown sash belt around her waist and wears strapped black high heels. She later met with Spider-Man as his alter ego Peter Parker during a day at his school and introduced herself. As White Tiger yearned for respect, she concluded that the group should bring in someone from S. As they were aboard a ship, White Tiger urged them to turn the ship off, claiming as fact that the group was not going to go after Doctor Doom. However, as she moved in, the ship's door shut and took off.

trainee and the current successor in her family's legacy to bear the name. She gets along with Spider-Man and her other teammates as they fight villains together. Ava Ayala is a tall Hispanic-American teenage female who has a slender yet muscular build, with brown eyes, brown hair reaching mid-back, buxom breasts, ripped broad shoulders, and long muscular legs. During her protecting of the civilians, she was struck in the back alongside Nova and Power Man by Wizard. As Spider-Man and Nova settled their differences by having a bet to see who could destroy more robots, White Tiger made an irritated remark while standing on the sidelines with Iron Fist and Power Man. Just then, Nova requested the group go after Doctor Doom and sped off as the others pursued him.

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