Wpf label content not updating

Code-behind is where the magic happens in this example.

In the constructor of the window, we create a Dispatcher Timer instance.

Each time a property is changed, an event will be raised, and the GUI gets notified about it.

There is no need to connect it, as this works via reflection, the only code you have to write is the notification that a property has been changed.

Again, I am using the menu items (theme and accent) from the demo in my appliction.

Also, some of the controls placed in the flyout are not updating as well.

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is slated for becoming the next GUI toolkit for Windows (superseding Win32, MFC and Windows Forms).

Unlike the others, WPF does not base on Win32 at all, but works on Direct X, providing features like fully vector-based rendering.

The idea behind data bindings is to separate the GUI from the data (I think I heard this before ;) ).

In the case of WPF, properties are the ideal interface between GUI and objects.

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