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The term NSF or non- sufficient funds denote that a check cannot be honored since the amount of money available in the bank account is not sufficient to cover the amount for which the check has been issued.

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As soon as I ran a criminal records search using Public Records I saw my instincts were right and called the cops.But, as we’ll explain, the wording of these measures could be interpreted to mean hormonal forms of birth control, including the pill and intrauterine devices, would be outlawed. Some — even many — voters who see Udall’s ads in Colorado will understand the reference, as this is the third time a personhood measure has been on the ballot in the state. But some may not be aware of it and the Udall ad doesn’t specifically mention the ballot measure.Other non-hormonal forms, such as condoms, wouldn’t be affected, but oral contraception (the pill) is the most popular form of birth control among U. Without the context, those voters may well be led to think that Gardner’s position was that he wanted to completely ban birth control.Federal bills also have been introduced, dating back to the early 1980s, to say that life — and the rights afforded to a person — would begin at the moment of fertilization.Such a measure is again on the ballot in Colorado this November.

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