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By the 64th square, it’s far more rice than has been produced, ever, in the history of mankind. ”Well let me tell you what went wrong: How many more chatbots are there today compared with a year ago? Applications are no longer bound by a GUI — you can chat to them, you can speak to them.I’ve been reading headlines like “The Chatbot Revolution Is on Hold” and “5 reasons not to believe the chatbot hype”. Applications are no longer bound by a particular channel—you can access them via messaging app, via web browser, via voice-controlled speaker. There are hundreds of fit gay lads and gay men in your area for you to cruise and browse through.Our gay chat room and message boards are great places to get chatting to other gay men. Well lively was great and then when they took guesting away and then put it back whenever I clicked on it it was blank and I have a lot of fans and when they try to comment only a couple come through and then they said they couldnt hear me and then I commented and they said they could see that.Transcript Older man (OM): (To younger man) *Incoherent rambling* You’re a f*cking gay. Younger man (YM): this is my friend, you’re being very rude to her so OM: Not rude! OM: Don’t touch her ok, I’m gonna slap you, I’m gonna slap you. He was a tall, thin old man with a slight stoop – the father of the doctor in our town.He held his cane in one hand and a cloth bag in the other, for the mail, and he walked briskly but with such small steps that he did not advance very fast. The warm weather has returned, but he does not appear on the streets.

HB1: He doesn’t want to touch you, you know, it’s not always whether you like something…

OM: I’m talking to him, not talking to you YMF: This is very rude. OM: I want you to f*ck me tonight YM: Sorry, please leave us alone. Helpful bystander 1 (HB1) enters the scene HB1: Would you please.

YM: I don’t know who you are, and I’m not interested. OM: No, he’s a gay, I’m a gay, he make signal to me.

In our town there was an old man who would come out of his house and take his daily walk along the sides of the streets in the town.

There were not many sidewalks, so he shared the street with the cars, but in the backstreets the cars went by slowly.

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