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As I did more and more research I began to visualise a book describing Dennis's feats in the decade or so before WWII and I am taking the liberty of promoting the resulting book which is being published by Adrian Bell of Mousehold Press.7 August 3 July 2 May 1 March 2016 31 December 19 December 13 December 7 December 21 November 13 November 8 November 1 November 9 September 1 September 11 July 3 July 24 June 1 May 29 February 28 January 20 January 11 January14 December 7 December 22 November 10 November 6 November 2 November 20 October 18 October 4 October 31 August 11 August 11 August 4 August 2 August 13 July 7 July 1 July 2 May 5 April 30 March 25 March 20 March 9 March 1 March 24 February 11 February 6 February 30 January 21 January 17 January 12 January 8 January 1 January Classic Builders: Additional material added to Jack Hearne page Cambridge Lightweight News, Edition 70.

Upon entering high school, Amy begins a relationship with Ben Boykewich (also 15), a supportive classmate with whom she falls in love.

Through our site Patricia and I would like to share our enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, classic lightweight cycles, particularly those built in Britain and Italy.

Contributions from other lightweight enthusiasts are welcome, including images of machines or components of particular interest.

If you are unable to find the information you need on this site please try some of the other sites listed under While doing research for the Horn brothers entries on this website I became aware that Dennis Horn had been a hero for the generation I was riding with in the early 1950s.

Most were older than me as they had been riding pre-war and I think some had bikes that Dennis had ridden in his heyday.

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