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Additionally, applying an overly simplistic view of typology to your dating life (“We’re exactly alike in almost every way because I’m an INFJ and she’s an INFP! But a thorough understanding of function order – and, more importantly, the function axes – can provide important insights into many key factors of any successful long-term relationship. Fi-Te The best place to begin when talking about relationships is how we experience sentiments.

Regardless of our four-letter type, we all have a Feeling function somewhere in our function order; FJ and TP types have Extroverted Feeling (Fe) while TJ and FP types have Introverted Feeling (Fi).

Even if both were serious, and technically courting from this point (this is often the case today after just Also, because it sounds too “official” and “old-fashioned,” teenagers today rarely even use the term “dating.” The idea of a date—when a man formally asks a woman, for instance, if she would accept an engagement for dinner—is nearly non-existent.

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