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Management apparently decided it was OK to offload assets and amortization charges from Actavis Generics, thereby vastly overstating the operating performance of the business.

of a Bond-Issuing Company Chapter III Non-Contentious Cases Section 1 General Provisions Section 2 Special Provisions on the Procedures of Increasing or Decreasing the Refund after a Judgment of Invalidation of a New Share Issue Section 3 Special Provisions on the Procedures of Special Liquidation Section 4 Special Provisions on Procedures of Liquidation of a Foreign Company Section 5 Special Provisions on Procedures of a Dissolution Order, etc.This may seem aggressive as I have yet to illustrate any other parallels between the businesses, but I think it is essential to note the milestones in a serial acquirer's lifecycle in order to recognize those signs as we proceed with our work.I call this "hypothesis-driven investing." I have divided the lifecycle into stages per Soros.However, the acquisition pace of "growth pharma" is quite different from what Pfizer has done.Therefore, it is instructive to study the history of another serial acquirer, World Com.

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