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More recently, it remains as one of the top tourist destinations in Cairo, and was featured in several Arab films and literature, such as Getting lost in the labyrinth of narrow alleys, stumbling upon hidden treasures and historic monuments, and chatting to the local shop-owners as the smell of spices and local food lingers in the air results in an unforgettable experience.The locals’ warm hospitality is central to this experience: they will offer you tea, a tour around the alleys, tell you stories about their shops, or simply smile for the camera.That chaotic environment that is displayed on the silver screen is not specifically tailored for the camera – it is authentic and is a highlight of marketplaces in the Middle East and the Arab World. Khan El-Khalili dates back to 1382 and is located in Cairo’s old Islamic district.Since its inception, the marketplace has attracted visitors from all over the globe.I had visited there before 8 months with my family through a well known travel agency ask-Aladdin.It is the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and the only one to remain largely intact.Nefertiti busts, gold Tutankhamen masks, and a rainbow of other items are only part of the attraction of this 14th Century souq.

British Egyptologist Nicolas Reeves meanwhile defended the theory he put forward last year.

Preliminary results of successive scans suggest the tomb contains two open spaces, with signs of metal and organic matter lying behind its western and northern walls.

"I was looking for the evidence that would tell me that my initial reading was wrong," he said. I just found more and more indicators that there is something extra going on in Tutankhamun's tomb." The conference aims to bring broader scientific rigor to what so far have only been tantalizing clues in recent explorations of the tomb.

HURGHADA, Egypt (AP) — Germany on Saturday confirmed that two German tourists were killed in a knife attack at a hotel in the popular Egyptian Red Sea resort of Hurghada.

The assailant, Egypt said, was a 28-year-old university graduate from the Nile Delta.

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