Free video cam blackman online

Prosecutors in the previous administration had contemplated reaching a plea agreement with Slager, but the discussions did not yield a deal.

If the events depicted in the video are accurate, they are among the most upsetting depictions of police violence against civilians captured to date.

The video was leaked to Dallas TV station KDFW after 15-year-old Jordan Edwards was shot dead by Balch Springs Police officer Roy Oliver in April.

Leaked video shows a Balch Springs, Texas police officer tasering a black suspect while he is in handcuffs.

The 10-minute clip, posted by a Facebook user named Lavish Reynolds, shows a woman in the passenger seat of a parked car.

She does the filming, and begins narrating her version of what transpired, frequently moving the phone camera over to show the man in the driver's seat.

Slager soon faced charges in two court systems, though a state jury could not come to a verdict in his case after a trial late last year. Wilson, whose office brought the state case against Slager, said in a statement that the “civil rights aspect of the killing of Walter Scott has always been important to the Scott family, to our community and to our nation,” and that is why she long worked with Justice Department prosecutors to bring charges against the officer.

[Mistrial declared in case of South Carolina officer who shot Walter Scott after traffic stop] Slager could face life in prison and a fine of as much as 0,000 on the civil rights charge. The plea marks the first significant action the Justice Department under Sessions has taken in a case of alleged police misconduct — although those familiar with the matter say it should not be used as a barometer to assess his policy views.

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