Emma rigby dating footballer

Her final episode was broadcast on 11 February 2010.For a brief time Emma turned from acting to modelling shooting a campaign with Rory Lewis Photographer in Late February 2010.The blonde beauty told Mail Online: ''For me, this is my first love and really have to give everything. There's so much that I want to do and achieve and I feel like you have to be selfish and really commit to it.'Emma - who once dated Nottingham Forest footballer Matt Mills - is adamant not to tread down a path followed by so many of her contemporaries, who have become more famous for their personal lives than their screen work.'Unfortunately there's lots of people that still have the preconceived ideas, like I'm Northern, I was on Hollyoaks, negative things, which is just so ridiculous, because that's not me.

She did just three episodes during these two years. She revealed her diet plan of that particular day to New Magazine.The show lasted five seasons, and even managed a few spin-offs including a failed American pilot.All in all it helped make athlete’s significant others a more mainstream topic. For those not familiar, it’s an acronym for Wives And Girlfriends.I was so excited to be back in England and see them. And she used her visit as an opportunity to engage the graduating students about following their dreams, though she's passionate about the lack of funding allowing them to pursue careers in the arts and other fields.'I just think it's so wrong,' she said 'I was really blessed that I had a supportive mother, but in the North you don't have the same access.How are people supposed to achieve things if they don't have the government funding for after-school activities?

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