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"Oh honey, a courier package came for you this morning." "Perfect" said Roxanne "I love it when a plan comes together smoothly." "What do you mean? They had been living in a small mid-western town where they both had mediocre jobs.

At this point the husband then shoots his load having wanked all through the procedure.

I’d managed to get some magazines with stories of MFM threesomes and videos of 2 men and 1 woman engaged in sucking, fucking, topping and tailing and double penetration of cunt and arse at the same time. I would have to take the lead as my wife was shy, reserved and submissive. I would often say to her that that was the way I’d like her to be fucked by me and then someone else.

There was one particular video in which a husband and wife bring a guy back to their house and after fooling around the guy starts fucking the wife while the husband sits on a chair playing with his dick watching his wife get fucked.

She could tell he was anxious, so when she returned she got right too it.

"Honey do you remember when I came into Chicago to visit my friend just before we moved here.

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