Alice eve dating rufus sewell

"Normally in a situation like this there's an unspoken pressure to talk up your part and say things like 'Oh no, he's essentially a good guy who blah blah blah'. Jasper is patently a tosser and I had reservations about that, purely because there wasn't a lot of room for cramming in different layers."Even though his relationship with Winslet (the pair reportedly enjoyed a three-month fling together in the early 1990s but remain friends) arguably had rather more comic potential than Diaz and Law mooning over each other, Sewell's on-screen part is small.During filming in Los Angeles, (a former bank stood in for the Telegraph office), he spent four weeks largely twiddling his thumbs in the Chateau Marmont hotel, trying not to bankrupt himself. Now Alice is on the judging panel for this year’s Rising Star category at the EE British Academy Film Awards and has been chosen by top hairdresser Charles Worthington (official hairstylist to the BAFTAs for the seventh consecutive year) as his red-carpet ambassador for tonight’s prestigious event, and as the face of his eponymous range of hair products.These days Alice divides her time between her homes in London and Los Angeles.The English actor Rufus Sewell, who is best known for portraying villainous characters in movies like ‘A Knight's Tale’, ‘The Illusionist’ and ‘The Legend of Zorro’, has already been divorced twice.He is currently said to be dating a Japanese-American woman, but the actor hardly talks about his girlfriend and he has never even revealed her name.

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Yet, although she is more than happy to dress down when not on show, she also relishes the opportunity to glam up.

It’s just like the movie – men forget what they were saying and stare in pure wonder. This is becoming something of a theme for Alice, 27.

In Starter for 10, she was Alice, a frostier, shallower fantasy blonde than Molly in She’s Out of My League, but a perfect, perfectly unattainable fantasy nonetheless for James Mc Avoy’s gawky student Brian.

On TV, in the BBC adaptation of Jonathan Coe’s The Rotters’ Club, she played Cicely Boyd, another pedestal poster-girl for a geeky boy.

And in her highest-profile role to date, next month she will appear in Sex and the City 2, as an Irish nanny employed by Charlotte (Kristin Davis).

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